An Olymia homeowner is being sued by the suspect

An Olymia home­owner is being sued by the sus­pect that climbed a fence onto his prop­erty. Daniel Lee Lipp said he grabbed a gun when he heard a prowler. The inci­dent hap­pened in April of 2010, and no crim­i­nal charges were filed against the home­owner then. Now the alleged prowler, iden­ti­fied as Michael McMa­hon, has filed a law­suit against Lipp for med­ical expenses, pain & suf­fer­ing, and a loss of enjoy­ment of life. The sus­pects attor­ney said the home­owner was neg­li­gent in fail­ing to exer­cise due care, and cau­tion before shoot­ing the sus­pected bur­glar.